How to Exist in Photos for your Children

When I lost my mother in 2009, I realized that the only photos I have of us together are from my wedding and family snapshots. This made me so sad!

In 2014 I started offering Mother and Daughter photoshoots, and they soon became my favorite types of shoots.

This beautiful woman was gifted a Mother Daughter shoot by her husband for Mother’s Day. How wonderful is that! We added dad and the boys at the end of the shoot and got some fun family shots.

These children will change in a flash, and now this moment in their life has been preserved forever in professional photos, together with their parents.

At the bottom of this post you can read what Ana said about her special day with her family.


“My daughter and I had the chance to meet Maryanne Teng Hogarth and have our pictures taken by her. It was a special moment for my daughter, who is 5 years old and for me to share this with her. Maryanne was extremely patient and sweet with my daughter not for one second she rushed us, instead she calmly guided us how to pose for the camera. But the best thing was when my daughter saw the pictures she was so happy and proud of the result. She showed everybody the pictures, it was worth every penny. Also Maryanne took picture of my boys and my husband with us. They are pictures to save forever. Thank you for this amazing experience that you brought for me and my family.”
~ Ana S. 

Shine brightly – The importance of a great headshot for young performers

stomp_0221What child doesn’t dream of being a star? For many, the dream may be a passing fancy, and for others it stays in their blood a lifetime.

I love meeting kids who have this dream, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help them get one step closer to making their dream become a reality.

A quality headshot reflects that your child is a dedicated professional. And their headshot must catch the eye of a casting agent, who may be scrolling through hundreds of thumbnails and only opening a small percentage.

A good headshot can open doors, and I’m here to help them open for you.

Here are some examples of the variety of headshots I’ve made recently for young performers. Every child is unique, and their headshot should reflect their individuality.stomp_0222stomp_0223stomp_0225stomp_0227stomp_0228The most important part of a headshot is that the eyes should draw you in, and tell you a bit about the person. There should be something going on behind the eyes that gives the face a certain sparkle.stomp_0224stomp_0219These two cuties (above) are now living their dream! Ayla Schwartz is currently originating the role of Young Elsa in Disney’s FROZEN the Musical on Broadway. Go Ayla! And John Allyn is making his Broadway debut playing Billy in SCHOOL OF ROCK. Before that he played Michael Darling on NBC’s PETER PAN. Amazing!

Ayla was one of my first New Jersey clients. I had only been here for a few months and didn’t have a studio to work in, so part of the shoot was outdoors in the cold. She was a real pro! If you click on John’s name above you’ll link to the headshot I took of him being used at the official SOR website. Way cool!stomp_0218I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Madison (above) three years in a row as she grows, and outgrows her headshots. It is such an honor to be a part of her life and witness her maturing into a beautiful and talented triple threat performer.

If you are a student or the parent of a student, I’d love to be your photographer. Because I believe in supporting young talent, my student rates are very reasonable . For $350 you get a 45 minute individualized shoot and two retouched hi res digital images of your choice. One image can be a closeup of your face and the other a 3/4 shot. OR, you can get one with a warm smile and the other more reflective. We’ll get a great variety for you to choose from to suit your needs.

Thank you for being with me today, and if you can swing it, try to go see Ayla and John shine brightly on Broadway!

🙂 Maryanne (call to book a shoot – (913) 626-6307 in Summit NJ) or email me at

I have nothing to wear!

If that’s the first thing that crosses your mind when considering a photoshoot, do not worry, I have you covered! My studio wardrobe continues to grow, and in this post I’ll show you some of the beautiful choices you’ll have, which are perfect for an elegant and feminine look. Stay tuned for headshots and personal branding wardrobe guidance in a future post. stomp_0205Above and below are some slinky gowns that will bring out the goddess in you!stomp_0200My collection of scarves and flowing fabric make their way into shoots in so many ways. For example, a fashionable halter top (below left)stomp_0208and a sophisticated evening gown (below right). The delicacy of lace and chiffon add gorgeous detail , as you can see in the skirt (above right) and shirts (below).stomp_0210stomp_0209stomp_0206The corsets and tulle skirts in my collection fit all sizes, they are expandable! stomp_0211stomp_0207stomp_0204What will you wear during your photoshoot? Let me help you out and together we can make some incredible portraits of you!



Hawaiian Splendor


When having to choose between renovating our bathroom or going to Hawaii over the holidays, it was a no brainer for me.

Our toilet still needs replacing, but my soul feels replenished!

It felt like like a homecoming, being with the ocean and the mountains. And I was in heaven seeing such a variety of Polynesian dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Words can do no justice to the beauty of Hawaii, so I shall leave you with these images. May they bring you feelings of awe, inspiration and joy, which we could all use a dose of this new year.

E ho mai i ka ‘ike
E ho mai i ka ikaika
E ho mai i ke akamai
E ho mai i ka maopopo pono
E ho mai i ka ‘ike papalua
E ho mai i ka mana

Grant us knowledge
Grant us strength
Grant us intelligence
Grant us understanding
Grant us insight
Grant us power





A taste of DC in the Fall


It would have been nice to share a glass of wine and feast on turkey with friends and family, instead we took a Thanksgiving road trip to DC. So very grateful for a visit to the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture   which tells the American story through the African American lens. A story of resilience and optimism. Outstanding museum! We also visited Gettysburg National Military Park, which was surprisingly moving. The site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle (50k casualties) the turning point of the war, and inspiration for Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

Other things that caught my eye were blissed out bodhisattvas at the Smithsonian’s Freer Sackler Galleries  and dancing natives at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

This Thanksgiving marks the beginning of our fourth year on the East Coast. And after each of our road trips, I come back with a better understanding and appreciation of the complex and rich history of our nation. Although I miss my beautiful California, I’m starting to feel connected to this East Coast soil. Even through the thick soles of my winter boots…28 degrees this morning. 🙂



I’m pleased to announce I was awarded 4 BRONZE MERIT AWARDS at The Portrait Masters Accreditation and Awards Program!

Entering the Portrait Masters accreditation program has allowed me the chance to revisit my recent work, and notice themes and patterns. After I narrowed it down to these submissions, I realized they were each introspective, and emotive. The next round of entries are due in the Spring, and I’m curious to see what I’m inspired to submit.

Who knows, if you are a client from the past 24 months, your image could earn me my next award. Or, if you would like to be a client and collaborate, we could go for GOLD! Give me a call!

My moment with Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz has been my hero for so long, and a few days ago I met her! IMG_3791 (1)She was interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times onstage, and afterwards they opened up the mic to the audience (both live and online). Although I didn’t get up right away, I was oddly enough the first in line for the mic left of stage. My heart started to pound! A question came in from Facebook, “Do you ever get starstruck?” to which she replied, “All the time.” This helped me relax, so when her attention and the cameras turned to me, it felt perfectly natural for me to tell her how starstruck I felt speaking to her, my idol. She said, “Come here, I’ll slap you around!” (To knock the starstruckness out of me). What a goofball! I felt like we were sitting in her living room having a beer, so I responded, “You can slap me around anytime!”. We both cracked up and the moment was pure magic.stomp_0186These are screen shots from our exchange, and I’ve added Henri Cartier-Bresson, the magnificent French photojournalist, who we both admire. Here he is holding his empty glass of wine up to the camera, pretending to take a photo. Charlie Rose, who had just interviewed him, is laughing hysterically behind him. Humor is such a mysterious and extraordinary thing, which creates a special bond when shared. I love seeing all of us being silly and laughing! It was my dream to meet him in Paris when I lived there, but I never did, so in this photo collage I get to enjoy a good time with both of my idols.stomp_0187The talk was wonderful and can be seen in its entirety here, (you can see my moment with Annie at around 56:15. ) Afterwards at the book signing, our conversation continued.stomp_0188We had lots to talk about, (Alice Waters, her sister Susan in Berkeley, my magazine) and my admiration of her work. Here’s to continuing that conversation!


Magazine style portraits

mag 1

I’m so excited to present to you, my very own magazine! Designing and publishing this was a labor of love, and each time I hold one, I beam with pride.

mag 2I think of myself as a celebrity photographer for every day people. We ALL deserve to be celebrated! mag 536 pages of my favorite images from recent years.

If you’d like to see an online version of it, please click here.

If you’d like a free hard copy version, please give me a call at 913.626.6307 or drop me an email at

I’d love to hear from you!


What caught my attention this summer


I always wanted to be the type of person who kept a diary, so I could go back years later and read what had been so important to me, that I’d write it down. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I have tens of thousands of photographs, that show me what captured my attention during my life.

This most recent collage is a glimpse into my summer. The pattern in the top right corner is the head of a wet dog, right after she jumped out of a pool. Below that are rescued pigs enjoying life at the Catskills Animal Sanctuary. During our tour we learned that pigs are ten times smarter than dogs. I’ve reduced my pork intake since that tour.

Bottom left is an Odeon Redon painting at the Clarke Art Institute in the Berkshires. He has been my favorite European painter for over twenty five years, and I’m always ecstatic when I can see one of his paintings in person.

The Buddhist painting in the top row is from a mural at the Chuang Yen Monastery in the Hudson Valley. Who knew that the largest indoor statue of a Buddha in the Western Hemisphere was just ninety minutes from my front door? These figures are each about ten feet tall, and there are dozens of them. Visual bliss!

The views into the tunnel and above the ocean are both from the cliffs of Newport in Rhode Island. Spectacular scenery! But the ultimate summer feeling is kicking back on some sand by a body of water.

I hope you too have had a chance to kick back this summer. Although I’ve spent most of the summer working (lots of portraits and headshot sessions, which makes me happy!) I have had some really fun getaways, as these photos from my phone remind me.

What’s on your phone? 🙂